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Intraoral Cameras

We never want to keep your dental care a secret from you. In fact, we know that oral health improves when patients are thoroughly informed in what’s going on inside their mouths. That’s why Exceptional Dentistry is excited to make use of intraoral cameras, which allow us to show you just what’s going on inside your mouth.

The intraoral camera is a handheld tool about the size of a pen that takes high-quality video of your mouth. These images are then transmitted onto a TV screen that you can see while you’re relaxed in the dental chair. That means if there’s an issue inside your mouth -- like a cavity or evidence of gum disease -- Dr. Rose can show you precisely what’s going on, explain her treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have.

And aside from helping Dr. Rose involve you in the diagnosis and treatment-planning stage, the intraoral camera also helps your dental hygienist provide important patient education. Is there a spot you seem to be missing while you floss? Or perhaps your toothbrush just isn’t removing plaque and tartar from one hard-to-reach area. You’ll get a better idea of how to improve your at-home cleaning thanks to the use of the intraoral camera.

The best, most successful patients are those who are fully informed on their oral health -- and the intraoral camera makes that possible. It’s just one important piece in the state-of-the-art dental care patients count on at Exceptional Dentistry.

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