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TMJ Therapy

We’ve all heard people use the term TMJ, but what does that really mean?  TMJ is actually an acronym for the temporomandibular joint or the hinge of your jaw.  What most people are referring to when they talk about TMJ is some type of pain or discomfort associated with this joint.  Years of wear and tear, injuries and other factors can lead to malocclusion or a misalignment of the bite. This often leads to a variety of symptoms which many people, even medical professionals, don’t associate with your teeth or your bite.

What is neuromuscular dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry is a field of dentistry that considers more than just a person’s teeth when evaluating oral health. A neuromuscular dentist like Dr. Rose looks at the muscles, nerves, and hard tissues of the face and neck that control the movement of the jaw.  The ultimate goal is to restore your bite to its natural, relaxed position, and relieve any symptoms that have accompanied misaligned jaw joints.

How do I know if I need neuromuscular evaluation?

Using computer technology, X-rays and other tools, we can evaluate your bite to determine if your bite may be causing other serious symptoms.  If you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis, you may be a candidate for neuromuscular dentistry:

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