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Smile Renewing Melbourne Restorative Dentistry

Older couple with healthy flawless smilesExceptional Dentistry is a practice built around functional esthetics, which means Dr. Rose focuses on making your smile look amazing and also function comfortably in daily life. If you have been struggling with decayed, worn, broken, or missing teeth, she can perform a number of restorative procedures to rejuvenate your mouth. We’ll also look at how your teeth fit together, which is called your “bite” or “occlusion,” to make sure your jaw and teeth are in the optimal position. Often, issues of the bite and jaw can cause distress to the jaw joints and result in headaches, pain in the neck and shoulders, and other complications. Diagnosing and addressing these problems has relieved many of our patients from chronic pain.

From crowns to dental implants to full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Rose’s restorative dentistry procedures build a solid smile designed to last. We also work with porcelain and tooth-colored composite materials when providing restorations like veneers, crowns, and dental fillings, so the all-white aesthetic of your smile can be preserved.

Composite Fillings

Enlarged tooth reflected in dental mirrorComposite fillings are often referred to as tooth-colored fillings, since they are tinted to match the exact color of a patient's tooth structure. New materials allow us to create virtually undetectable composite restorations that have the appearance, strength, and function of an intact, natural tooth.  Unlike metal fillings, composites are actually bonded or cemented into the tooth which provides superior strength and longevity. They also contain no harmful metals such as the mercury found in amalgam fillings.

We find that many patients are reluctant to schedule a dental appointment until they experience discomfort, tooth loss, or other unavoidable issues. Don’t wait untill a problem gets too big to ignore. We’re here to help. Our caring and understanding team will never judge you based on your mouth’s condition or for being apprehensive.

Learn More About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Traditional Crown & Bridge

Model of dental implant supported fixed bridgeDental crowns are restorations used to replace lost dental structure. These restorations fit completely over the top of a damaged or decayed tooth, and with proper care, can last several decades. A fixed bridge is a replacement option for one to three missing teeth that can be supported by crowns attached to adjacent teeth or dental implants. Dr. Rose offers dental crowns and fixed bridges in a variety of materials to meet any oral health care need, but we frequently recommend porcelain crowns for their superior cosmetic results.

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One Visit Restorations

Flawless smile following one visit restorationTraditional dental crowns and bridges are effective in repairing damaged smiles, but patients need to visit our office two or more times to complete their restorations. If you need a dental crown but you don’t have the time to set aside for multiple trips to our office, CEREC same day restoration may be a good option. This computer assisted design and manufacture system allows us to design, craft, and place a custom, high quality restoration in just one visit.

Learn More About CEREC

Dentures & Partials

Hands holding full arch dentureTo replace numerous teeth or a full arch, you will likely need partial or full dentures. Both tooth replacement prosthetics are crafted from a gum-colored base that is molded to fit against the gums and between any remaining teeth. The base supports natural looking replacement teeth to fill gaps in patients’ smiles. Partial dentures are anchored into position by metal clasps that attach to surrounding teeth, and full dentures are held in place through natural suction between the gums and base.

Root Canals

X-rays of root canal treatment processPainful toothache, sensitivity to changes in temperature, and tooth discoloration are all indicators that you may be suffering from dental decay or damage that has accessed the inner, pulp, layer of your tooth. When this occurs, we may be able to save your natural dental structure with root canal therapy. This comfortable, safe procedure removes the damaged pulp portion of the tooth, replaces it with a similar substance, and reseals the tooth. In most cases, we also place a crown to provide added support and protection for the treated tooth.


Male patient giving thumbs up in dental chairWe never want to see a patient lose a tooth, but there are some cases where removal is the best option for your oral and overall health. When this happens, we’ll recommend extraction. Dr. Rose is proud to offer safe, comfortable tooth extraction for patients from the comfort of her Melbourne, FL dental office. If necessary, we can also discuss your tooth replacement options, so your smile is returned to full health as soon as possible.

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