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4 Stocking Stuffers That Are Smile-Friendly

December 19, 2022

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Christmas scene with tree and stockings

Many people think that the holiday season is the worst time for your smile, but is this true? With all of the cookies, candy, and other seasonal foods and drinks, it seems likely. Consuming these tasty treats all season long can result in a sugar and starch overload for your beam, but what can you do to counteract this? Tooth-healthy stocking stuffers may offer a solution. Along with practicing moderation, these five dentist-approved items can help you and your family keep your beams healthy all year long.

Idea #1: Reusable Straws

Drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and other beverages that are highly pigmented can leave stains on your smile. Using a straw can help by preventing them from having as much contact with your teeth. Reusable straws are even better since you can clean them after you’re done with your beverage. There are also some that come with carrying cases so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Idea #2: Healthy Snacks

There are many sweet treats during the holiday season that can harm your pearly whites, but why not replace them with ones that are better for your beam? Some examples include:

  • Sugarless gum – Chewing this increases your saliva production to help prevent dry mouth and wash away bacteria.
  • Almonds, cashews, & Brazil nuts – You can also eat any other nuts that contain lots of protective protein.
  • Dark chocolate – This is easy to wash away and less sugary than milk chocolate.
  • Sugar-free chocolate – There are also sugar-free versions of hard candy, gummies, caramel, and other treats.

Idea #3: A New Toothbrush

If it’s been more than three or four months since you last replaced your toothbrush, you’re overdue. This is usually around the time when the bristles begin to fray, which makes them less effective at cleaning your smile. If you have children, consider getting them a toothbrush that features their favorite colors or characters. You can also upgrade them to an electric toothbrush if they’re ready to do so.

Idea #4: Toothpaste and Dental Floss

There are all kinds of exciting flavors of both toothpaste and dental floss. These make practicing excellent oral hygiene more fun for children who are still getting used to taking care of their teeth. Some fun flavors to look out for include:

  • Spiced pumpkin
  • Ranch dressing
  • Bubblegum
  • Strawberry
  • Cupcake
  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Waffle
  • Bacon
  • Pickle

Idea #5: A Tooth Timer

This is another great gift for those with growing smiles who haven’t quite gotten down the timing when brushing their teeth. A tooth timer will help them successfully brush their teeth for a full two minutes. This is key to properly ridding their smile of plaque, food particles, and bacteria.

If you were having trouble thinking up ideas for stocking stuffers, why not pick some that will help you and your family avoid oral health issues? These are the perfect way to invest in your continuing excellent dental health during the holidays and beyond!

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