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How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve Your Career?

December 8, 2023

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Smiling woman in business attire with beautiful teeth

Are you looking for a new job, or are you searching for ways to move forward on your current career path? Doing things like learning new skills and polishing your resume can certainly be helpful, but did you know that your teeth could actually play a role in helping you succeed? That’s right — a beautiful smile can be a powerful force in almost any workplace. How exactly might cosmetic dentistry — and the gorgeous teeth that come with it — improve your career? This blog post explains.

Heightened Confidence

A confident person is more likely to take reasonable risks than their less confident counterparts. For example, you might be more likely to apply for a promotion, ask your boss about a raise, or give dynamic presentations in front of high-profile clients.

Unfortunately, many people whose teeth do not meet popular beauty standards are reluctant to take such risks. Something as simple as whitening your teeth or fixing that annoying chip in the front of your smile might give you the boost you need to achieve your full potential.

Change Others’ Perceptions

Your appearance is far from the most interesting thing about you. However, other people do pay attention to it. Sadly, if your teeth have obvious discoloration, are misaligned, or have other aesthetic imperfections, that can influence how others view you in a negative way. This is especially true when you interact with people who have not yet had the opportunity to get to know your personality.

In contrast, individuals with healthy, attractive teeth are often perceived as being successful, approachable, and likeable. After cosmetic dental treatments, clients and potential employers may be more likely to feel drawn to you.

Improved Work Performance

A statistic published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “Over $45 billion is lost in productivity in the United States each year because of untreated oral disease.” Certainly, that estimate underscores the importance of preventing issues like cavities and gum infections. However, it can also point to the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Before you can undergo cosmetic treatments, your dentist must verify that your mouth is healthy. After an aesthetic procedure, you may be more likely to exercise diligence in the way you care for your teeth. Therefore, you will have a reduced risk of needing to miss work in order to care for a painful oral health issue.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about looking good — it might also boost your career!

Meet the Practice

Dr. Beverly Rose has more than 25 years of experience in dentistry. She has completed extensive training in cosmetic services; she even attended courses at the world-renown Las Vegas Institute. If you would like to enhance the appearance of your teeth, she would be pleased to consult with you. Contact our Melbourne, FL, practice at 321-259-4666.

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