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The Usual Suspects: 5 Worst Foods to Get Stuck In Your Teeth

March 13, 2024

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a man checking his teeth for food and debris

You’re getting ready to speak to an audience for a presentation or you’re simply preparing to go on a date. The last thing you want is to have something stuck in your teeth for all to see. While having debris and food around your pearly whites can impact your smile’s appearance, certain kinds of meals can negatively affect your oral health. Keep reading to learn some of the worst foods that can get stuck between your teeth and what you can do about it.


If you’re a movie lover, then popcorn is likely your staple food to enjoy during a feature film. While you might enjoy this buttery snack (sometimes dowsed in cheddar cheese powder), chewing the kernels can have drastic consequences on your teeth. One wrong bite and you can end up chipping or damaging your enamel.

Potato Chips

These crunchy snacks might be perfect during a road trip or a flight, but they can also become soft and end up fitting easily between your teeth. Along with other starchy foods, potato chips can end up becoming the perfect food for bacteria, meaning these particles can attract germs and increase the risk of decay if left unaddressed.

Certain Meats

By eating enough proteins like steak, chicken, and pork, you’re likely to end up getting a piece or two stuck between your pearly whites. While they might not damage your teeth, they can be quite difficult to remove if stuck, which can lead to some discomfort if left alone for too long.


Spinach and other leafy greens are incredibly beneficial for your oral and overall health, as they contain many nutrients necessary for promoting strong teeth and gums. However, the deep and dark green shade can end up standing out much more easily against your smile, which might draw more attention than you’re comfortable with.

Blackberries & Raspberries

While fruits consist of nutrients and vitamins that nourish our bodies, some berries might have more seeds than others, specifically blackberries and raspberries. Since the seeds are quite durable, they can wreak havoc on your teeth if you bite into one. They’re also quite small, so they can easily become wedged in your smile and lead to potential damage to your enamel.

Although some meals can be somewhat harmful to the look or function of your teeth, you’ll simply need to practice certain preventive measures to maintain good oral health. On top of avoiding the foods listed above, make sure to floss your smile regularly, which can help dislodge objects and make you feel more comfortable and confident about your grin!

About the Author

Dr. Beverly Rose studied at the University of Florida College of Dentistry to attain her dental doctorate. She’s also a member of various prestigious organizations, including the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If you want to know more about maintaining great oral health or wish to schedule an appointment, visit her website or give her a call at 321-259-4666.

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