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The Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Child

October 17, 2022

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various kinds of Halloween candy

Halloween is right around the corner! That means it’s time to start helping your little one come up with their costume. Whether they have school activities, parties, or trick-or-treating to look forward to, this time of year is the perfect opportunity for oral health issues to arise. Fortunately, not all Halloween candy is as bad for your little one’s smile as you might think. So you can help them maintain a health beam, read on to learn about the best and worst Halloween candies for your child’s smile.

3 Kinds of Halloween Candy That Can Harm Your Child’s Teeth

Bacteria in our mouths feed on the sugar in the foods and drinks we consume. They then release acids that attack our enamel. Since this is the protective outer layer of our teeth, enamel damage makes our smiles more susceptible to decay. There are three kinds of Halloween candy that are particularly damaging to your child’s smile, which are:

  • Hard candy – Hard candy is meant to melt in your mouth, not to be chewed on. If your child chews on their hard Halloween candy, this may end up breaking or chipping their teeth. Additionally, since hard candy takes a while to dissolve, your teeth will be exposed to sugar for longer periods.
  • Sticky or gummy candy – Sticky candies are difficult to wash away. Because of this, the bacteria that cause cavities can feed off them for longer periods.
  • Sour candies – Sour candy is highly acidic. Since acid weakens your enamel, this makes your teeth more likely to develop cavities.

4 Healthier Halloween Candy Options

The good news is that not all Halloween candies are bad for your little one’s teeth. There are a few types of Halloween candy that are less likely to damage their smiles, including:

  • PayDay – This candy bar is packed full of peanuts. Peanuts are high in protein, which can help build bone and repair damaged tissue.
  • Smarties – This low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sugar candy is much healthier for your child’s teeth than most other Halloween treats.
  • Sugar-free gum – Sugarless gum is just as good as it’s sugar-filled counterpart but is less damaging to your child’s smile. Chewing it also encourages saliva production, which helps wash away plaque, bacteria, and food particles.
  • Chocolate – Peanut butter cups and chocolate bars won’t chip your child’s smile. They are also easy to wash away.

Halloween candy doesn’t always have to be bad for your child’s teeth. with the above information, you should be able to help them make the right decisions to keep their pearly whites in prime condition!

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