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Beverly Rose DMD Blog

What Is Mouth Breathing? Insights from a Dentist in Melbourne

December 11, 2018

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woman covering ears while partner snores


Mouth breathing is a common condition that affects millions of Americans, especially children. Unfortunately, it has acquired a certain social stigma over the years, largely due to portrayals in popular media. In this post, we’re going to clear the air about this topic. Use this information along with the advice of your dentist in Melbourne to make informed healthcare choices for yourself and your family.


Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne Discusses Whitening Toothpaste

December 2, 2018

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tanned couple with whitened teeth

Suntans are popular here in Florida, and nothing sets off your tan better than a sparkling white smile. A trip through the toothpaste aisle of any drugstore offers a dizzying array of whitening options that can leave you confused about the best option. The convenience of DIY whitening is tempting, but long does it take, and does it really whiten your teeth as well as an in-office treatment by your cosmetic dentist in Melbourne? Find out the pros and cons of whitening toothpaste.


The Real Reason to Floss According to Your Dentist in Melbourne

October 2, 2018

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Dental flossDo you floss every day? You’ve probably been told to floss each day from your dentist, but are you really following their advice? Why do we floss? Almost one third of adults say they never floss and only about 30% say they flossed every day in the last week, according to a survey conducted by the CDC. Most people think that flossing is just to remove food from in between your teeth, but it really helps your oral health in a much bigger way. Read on to learn the importance of flossing, the real reason you should clean in between your teeth, and what can happen if you neglect flossing from your dentist in Melbourne.


A Dentist in Melbourne Explains How Mouth Breathing Leads to Decay

September 3, 2018

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Man sleeping with mouth open.Do you breathe through your mouth? Have you ever woken up with an incredibly dry mouth with a bad taste in it? Maybe you don’t know, but your spouse might because they can hear it. Breathing with your mouth open can not only cause noise and snoring during sleep, but did you know it puts you at a higher risk for tooth decay? Mouth breathing can cause various complications in your overall health and your oral health. Keep reading to learn why mouth breathing can lead to tooth decay from a trusted dentist in Melbourne.


The Best Brushing Tips from a Dentist in Melbourne

August 23, 2018

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Woman holding toothbrushYou’ve been brushing your teeth ever since you were a child, but what if you’ve been doing it wrong your entire life? Don’t panic! We are here to give you helpful tips and tricks on how to brush your teeth and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine. Your trusted dentist in Melbourne will provide great insight into what you can do to keep your mouth healthy before even stepping foot in a dentist’s office.


Discover the Services Offered by Your Dentist in Melbourne

July 28, 2018

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young family at dentistWith individualized dental care throughout your life, you can help to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy. To make it easier to achieve optimal oral health, you need a great dentist in Melbourne by your side who offers all the services you need over the years. With complete dental care from one location, you will save time and money while benefiting from one amazing dental team. At Exceptional Dentistry, Dr. Beverly Rose is the dentist for you. She offers the services you need through all stages of life to maintain a healthy smile.

When Do Children Start Losing Teeth? Your Dentist in Melbourne Answers

June 11, 2018

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boy red shirt hand open tooth lossWhen you’re watching your little one develop in the early stages of life, every milestone passed is a celebratory moment, whether it’s saying the first words, taking those initial steps or losing his or her primary teeth. You want to make sure, though, that he or she is on track, developmentally. Thus, you wonder when the primary teeth should begin falling out. As you read on, your dentist in Melbourne answers that question and much more.


Flossing – Your Dentist in Melbourne Says It’s Super Important!

May 15, 2018

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young man smiling while flossingYou’re no stranger to the fact that flossing is recommended as part of your oral hygiene regimen, but you’ve mainly only heard about it serving as a means to remove food lodged between your teeth. Your dentist in Melbourne says there is so much more to it, though. She’ll explain the benefits of flossing and how it serves as a major part of preventive care as you continue reading.


Can You Benefit from Choosing a Family Dentist in Melbourne?

April 12, 2018

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child dental visitYour little one is just about to develop their first tooth, so you know it’s about time to start thinking about finding a dentist in Melbourne for them. You’ve asked around to your friends and they’ve all referred you to “the best pediatric dentist in town.” However, you can’t imagine having to bring some of your family to one practice and you yourself visiting another.

The truth is that you don’t have to! In fact, your child would benefit greatly from going to the same dental practice that you visit right along with you. Learn more about why it’s best to bring the whole family to one comprehensive dental practice in this week’ blog post.


Your Dentist in Melbourne Gives the Ins-and-Outs of Root Canals

March 10, 2018

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x-ray photo of decayed toothYou’ve been experiencing very uncomfortable bouts of tooth pain and really need some relief. The first dentist you visited for an examination said you’re suffering from advanced tooth decay and suggests a tooth extraction, but you’re not fond of that idea. “Is there another option for treatment?” You wonder. Your dentist in Melbourne says you may be a candidate for a root canal. As you continue reading, she’ll explain everything you need to know about the procedure and why, if possible, it’s the better option.


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